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Scotland – The highest priced state university in the country

| January 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

What’s the most expensive state university in the United Kingdom? Immediately, you think it must be Oxford or Cambridge or any of the other dozens of institutions that will be charging £9,000 a year from next September 2012. All of these institutions will total £27,000 for your full undergraduate degree. These must be the most expensive, right?

In fact, the most expensive state undergraduate degree you can gain is in Scotland. From September 2012, Edinburgh University will charge £9,000 a year, yet unlike Oxbridge or other Russell Group universities, courses in Scot land are all four-years long.

Scotlandoffers free education to Scottish citizens, subsidised by other non-nationals, including English, Welsh and Northern Irish students. At the moment, students attending Scottish universities from the rest of the UK, pay a capped £1,820 a year fee. This will increase dramatically next year however, making Edinburgh the most expensive university to gain a degree at in the country.

While Edinburgh will charge £36,000 for a full degree, Aberdeen and Heriot Watt have promised a cap at £27,000 to remain in line with other UK universities.

Edinburgh University’s Defense

Edinburgh University were quick to defend their choice, by announcing its £6.7m-a-year bursary scheme that will see the bursaries of up to £7,000-a-year given to those who need them the most.

The increased fees, they claimed, were because government funding is to be cut that allows them to offer existing low fees for students.

This bursary scheme reflects the scheme to be introduced by the New College of Humanities and many American institutions, where the poorest students will still have access to the higher levels of education.

With many worried about the cost of tuition fees increases, this is sure to put many of you off. Yet those from lower-income backgrounds may be eligible for a much more aggressive bursary scheme than exists currently.

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