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Practical Tips for Exam Success

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The time you have to prepare for an exam is usually limited while your workload is usually considerable. Therefore your exam strategy is essential if you are to be as effective as possible; fortunately for your WritePass has some key Practical Tips to help you have Exam success:

Plan it Out

Planning out a revision time-table is a key element to preparing for exams; when doing so, be as specific as possible when you allocate your time.  For example, rather than assign “all day Monday” to “Economics”, divide up the day into 40-45 minute blocks and assign blocks of time to specific topics within Economics.

Give yourself a Break

If you’re good at maintaining concentration, then you may be able to push your focus to being effective for two consecutive time blocks before taking a short break.  However, human concentration span tends to start to wane after about 40 minutes – and there’s no point in sitting there reading the same material three times without actually absorbing it.  Give yourself a short 10 minute break where you re-hydrate and think about other things.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Brains love variety – a change of interests can refresh your revision. Vary your revision subject material throughout the day – perhaps Economics in the morning and Maths in the afternoon. Draw up a study schedule with all of this detail and display it in full view.  It will also assure you that you’ll cover all the material as you will have clearly assigned time to each topic, and help to reduce your stress levels as you will have broken up that huge, looming “whole subject” into manageable parts.

Have Time to Relax

After you’ve completed each of your topics within your time blocks, tick them off on your schedule to emphasise that sense of achievement.  Remember, at the end of each day, to relax and unwind effectively – you’ll need to be fully recovered to be top of your game to get back to it tomorrow.

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