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OccupyLSX – Occupy the London Stock Exchange

| January 11, 2012 | 0 Comments

In mid-October, in the spirit and footsteps of the Occupy Wall Street protesters in America, a similar group attempted to Occupy the London Stock Exchange. In an era of #hashtags and acronyms, the cause was quickly shortened to OccupyLSX.

So what do they do?

OccupyLSX have ‘occupied’ the forecourt outside ofSt. Paul’s Cathedral and are protesting against the greed of the “1%.” The protesters have been featured heavily in the press combining a mixture of anti-capitalists and anti-corporatists.

While at the start, OccupyLSX found many protesters, the numbers have dwindled now to a dedicated core. The determination of this core seems unwavering, with a website set up to explain their purpose and what you can do if you want to get involved. OccupyLSX have thrown events including film screenings and mini-festivals for anyone who wants to attend.

If you are interested in their cause or community-based activism in general, you might want to get involved.

Students and OccupyLSX

Whilst there aren’t many students amongst the diehard OccupyLSX protesters, there has already been much involvement for students with the protest.

At the start of November, during the most recent student protest against the fees rise, OccupyLSX was one of the points along the march. FromTrafalgar Square, along theStrand, students marched passed OccupyLSX.

At the same time, OccupyLSX were hosting a “lively teach out,” to help educate anyone who walked past. This was part of OccupyLSX’s “TentCityUniversity.”

Tent City University is a free ‘university’ hosted by OccupyLSX offering a variety of talks and productions for anyone to use. Events are hosted throughout the day and include talks and lectures on a variety of subjects. If you are interested in visiting any of the lectures, check the Tent City University events page on their website.

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