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Benefits for International Students in the UK

| January 25, 2012 | 1 Comment

Students have to live on a fairly tight budget, generally, and in Britain there are several ways to buy things cheaply. A lot of international students have a National Union of Students (NUS) Extra card which costs £10 and for an extra £1 this can be upgraded to an International Student’s Identity Card, which you can use in 140 countries so you can even get discounts in your own country when you return in the holidays. These cards enable you to purchase clothes and fashion accessories at a discount, and get discounts on books and stationary, get cheaper cinema tickets and pay less for a meal out. You can also get discounts on DVDs and music as well as many other things.

While you are in Britain you should take the opportunity to explore the UK and see all the sites you have read about. National Express, the national coach company offers deals for students on production of the student card and you can also check their website for more offers. You can also purchase a railcard which enables you to travel for up to a third off the usual prices and an international card will enable you to travel through Europe. While in Britain you can explore the rest of Europe too.

You can take advantage of two for the price of one deals at hotels around the country which offer you either two nights for the price of one or two people staying in the same room for the price of one, depending on the hotel and the deal.

Britain has a lot to offer a tourist and much more history than some other countries. You can wander around medieval castles and even go to a banquet at some where you can enjoy food from the past and have the experience of a lifetime.

There are chances to experience the holidays such as Hogmany (New Year) in Scotland when you can attend a banquet and eat the traditional haggis while listening to the skirl of bagpipes and the pomes of the Scots poet, Robert Burns. Alternatively you could see the New Year in at Trafalgar Square, London another venue for the New Year. Of course there are other celebrations and these are particularly interesting for international students as they are unique events, for example Guy Fawkes Night celebrated on 5th November every year.

Britain has its own distinct culture, and as an international student in the UK you will have the opportunity to explore it first-hand.

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