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Voluntary or Community Work for International Students

| December 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

If you cannot find paid employment you may want to do some voluntary work and could perhaps find some that will at least pay you a little in the form of expenses rather than a wage. However you will not receive much money for these types of jobs, but you can normally expect to have traveling expenses reimbursed and a little extra for your time and service.

If you come from a Commonwealth country such as Pakistan for example, you may find that the Pakistani community is in need of English language tutors. Women are particularly needed to teach in these communities and you can find voluntary opportunities through the local education authority, the Workers’ Education Association (WEA) or the local Community Relations organizations. Sometimes these organizations will offer you a part-time job, but you have to first of all do some training unless you are a teacher of English as a Second or Foreign language.

There are a number of charitable organizations working in the UK and these have many openings for volunteers which include working in their shops (which are thrift shops), working in day care centres for the elderly of those who are physically or mentally challenged, or working with kids who are disaffected with the educational system.

If you want to meet people who are not part of university life, then doing voluntary work is a good way of doing this. You will be helped if you suffer from culture shock and will gain insights into British culture which you will not otherwise get.

Working with people from your own country will be rewarding as you will be helping them to settle into their adopted country and feel that you are doing something worthwhile. You will also be practising your skills and not only doing theoretical academic work.

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