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How to Order an Essay Online – What to Look Out For

| December 2, 2011 | 3 Comments

There are a large number of internet companies offering to write essays for students for a price. As an online company operating in a legal grey area naturally there will be some companies that are unable or unwilling to provide the services they promise. Today WritePass explains the ins and outs of ordering online.

As far as stories go, I know of a few people from China that have ordered essays from certain websites. I believe it was a lack of confidence in their English ability that made them order an essay online. It can be a hit and miss, but when it is a miss the risk to your academic reputation can be huge.

One student I know ordered a human resource management essay from an online company which charged him a relatively low price for a very long dissertation. When he received the grade back from the university he was penalised for plagiarism (copy and pasting) and only barely passed the course because it was deemed one bad essay and his other grades were enough to see him through.

Unfortunately because of companies that disrespect customers and lie to customers a lack of trust has developed in this market. I keep hearing the same names come up when I talk to students who have not received the service they expect when they pay a company to write an essay.

Two things are common with such companies: low prices and guarantees. Low prices are impossible to sustain in this industry because a quality writer good enough to write an essay has to be paid adequately. If the price is too low, there is greater incentive for the writer to be too relaxed or worse still, copy and paste an essay. A low paid writer is not going to put the sufficient time and effort into writing a quality piece of work.

Secondly, a company cannot realistically guarantee a customer a certain grade (e.g. 2:1 or First). This is because the company has no connection with the university. The only guarantees that would be viable is one that promises not to get below a certain mark, at which point aa refund clause would be activated.

At Writepass we make a guarantee with the customer that an essay would be written to a general standard which would normally get a 2:1 or above, but we don’t make promises on exact grades because we only like to make promises we can keep.

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    Could you tell me hao to connect with you? i am asked to submit an 3000 individual reflection tomorrow. Could you complete it for me. i will pay.

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