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How to Discover British Culture

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Before you arrive in Britaindo a little research into what you can expect. This will help you combat some of the culture shock you may experience, but will not prepare you fully for what you will experience first-hand.

You will soon realize for example that in theUKpeople queue for buses, wait patiently at check out counters and are generally polite. They say “please” and “thank you” rather a lot and expect others to do the same, so start practising now. If you are polite, people will be curious about you and want to know why you are inBritain, especially if you are in a university town which does not have so many foreigners. Some people such as those from South Wales are naturally curious and will strike up a conversation anywhere, even if it is only (in the first instance) about the weather. Humour them; you may make a life-long friend. Be open to new experiences and people and you will be invited to go out with them or to visit their homes for a meal. These are ways in which you will experience some of what life is like in the UK.

Remember that student life is only a part of the wider British society and does not represent the British culture. Try to go to theatre performances, and to other arts events. A trip to Stratford-upon-Avon should be on your itinerary and try to see one of Shakespeare’s plays at the theatre there.

There are online sites which offer international student a chance to stay with a British family for free so that the student can see how the ordinary person lives. You will experience some of their family life and their food. The food may or may not be to your taste, but you may have a very good time as you will be regally entertained. You can find one of these at the website You can also contact your embassy to find out if they have any hosts who accept international adult students into their homes for a day or weekend.

There are many different British cultures, not just that of the area you have chosen to study in and using a hosting service will enable you to see the differences in British culture  and enrich your experience of being an international student in theUK.



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