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How to Apply For Financial Aid

| December 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Being a student is expensive, and getting an early start on your financial aid application is a sure way to get the maximum amount of financial help possible. If you wait till the last minute to submit your aid application, you may miss the application deadline and the amount of aid you receive.


If you are in need of financial assistance and you apply early, you will receive a decision and notification of financial aid soon after your have completed and submitted the application. However, applying late does not mean that you will not qualify for any financial aid. By submitting you application late, you might miss out on the amount of aid you receive because the college’s resources may be limited by then.

There are many available grants and financial supports, for example:
·         Special Support Grant: This is aimed at English and Welsh students from lower income families with an underlying eligibility for means-tested (e.g. lone parents) grant of up to £2,906 instead of the Higher Education Maintenance Grant. This is non-repayable and is paid in three instalments.
·         UCL Bursaries: UCL allocates bursaries via the Student Loans Company (SLC). All undergraduate students receiving a UK Higher Education Maintenance Grant or a Special Support Grant will receive a UCL Bursary equal to at least half of their grant. Students following a four-year MSci or MEng programme, or a programme entailing a year abroad, will in their fourth year, receive a UCL Bursary equal to 100% of their Higher Education Maintenance Grant or double their UCL Bursary entitlement for the higher bands.
·         Access to Learning Fund: The Access to Learning Fund (ALF) provides discretionary financial assistance for UK/EU students to help them access and remain in higher education. ALF can help alleviate unexpected financial hardships.
·         Disabled students’ allowances:  UK students with a disability (including dyslexia) or a medical condition that affects their ability to study may be eligible for the Disabled Students’ Allowances administered through Student Finance England. Further information can be obtained from UCL’s Student Disability Services.
You are much likely to get more financial assistance and spend less on college when you take the necessary steps to increase your chances of getting the help you need. Visit to see if you qualify for any support schemes.


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