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Advice on using References in your Dissertation

| December 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Your university will give you details of how to add references to your dissertation and you will have to follow their style. Basically they will either follow the Harvard system of referencing or the Oxford system. The former is known as the author date system, while the latter uses footnotes.

It is extremely important to put references into your dissertation to avoid being accused of plagiarism, which is a serious academic offence and could lead to the total rejection of your dissertation.

When you read, whether online or in books, magazines and journals you should write down quotations and their source. In this way, when you come to use these quotes in your dissertation you have the exact references with page numbers and do not have to go back to the work to check out how to reference it.

You should use (op.cit) after the name of the author and date of publication when you have referred to the work elsewhere in your dissertation; after the name and date use (ibid) when the last reference you gave was from the same work by the same author(s).

If you are quoting from material you have read online then you reference it in the usual format but also write the URL address of the website found in the address bar at the top of your screen and the date you accessed the site. Always have a note book when you research online and make a note of these details so that you don’t have to retrieve the information again when you write up your research in your dissertation.

Always writing down the references of quotes you may be able to use will save you a lot of time when you come to write up your research, whether for a paper, dissertation, thesis or academic article.

For details of how to add references to newspaper articles and archive material, see our post on references.


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