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Student Political Divisions

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Whether you’ve already made your mind up politically, or you simply intrigued to see what party politics is about, one of the greatest involvements you can have is within the different student political divisions.

The student-wings of political parties are run by each party’s general youth wing. The main three youth wings are Conservative Future (18-30), Liberal Youth (16-26) and Young Labour (15-27).The youth wings do not just represent the student population, with many older graduates and non-student members also involved. Yet it is with the student political divisions that, arguably, the most active part of the community exists. The three major parties have youth wings at most of the campuses around the country.


What do youth wings do?

Politically the youth wings will be in charge of canvassing voters, which can include leafleting, postering or phone-calling. This will be during election periods and so, with the exception of election years will vary from constituency to constituency.

Aside from canvassing, the youth wings offer a large social experience. Many of the university youth wings throw social events throughout the year. The social events can range from pub-crawls, to dinners, to cross-party competitions.

As students in a youth wing, the social side is often the more prominent activity. Interactions with other political party members, while still partisan, will be a lot more relaxed. It’s more beating the Tories on a pub crawl, than it is beating them on a debate in economic policy.


So why join?

If you’re interested in politics and want to befriend like-minded people, then joining the likes of Conservative Future, Liberal Youth or Young Labour, might be for you.

Not only do you get to experience your first-taste of party activism, but you get to drunk afterwards as well.

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