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How to Manage your Time when Studying

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Managing your time isn’t as easy as it sounds. Have you ever heard of the word procrastination? I learnt what that word meant at university, because I was doing it and so was everyone I knew. I preferred calling it “chilling” or “taking it easy” because it didn’t sound so much like a medical condition!

Time Flies…

Nevertheless, I found myself procrastinating. Be it facebook, youtube or just housemates I found excuses to put off what I needed to be doing academically. It was just so off-putting to have to open a book and study.

However, by my final year I was on top of all my deadlines, achieving firsts in all my work and supremely motivated. What changed me? The short answer is that I learned to manage my time.

I identified what my priorities were in this order: girlfriend, study and football. Then I identified what detracted from my priorities in life at the time, mainly drinking. You see, in life it is necessary to make sacrifices to achieve things you want (I know, I’m sounding as old and wise as Yoda but it is true).

Now, to the nitty gritty, managing your time efficiently is important. I noted down all the deadlines for my courseworks and essays and made sure I worked efficiently. Mentally I was clear in my head about what I wanted so it was easy to get the work out of the way before moving onto other activities. I believe football and physical exercise in general is really helpful for keeping you sane during the crunch periods like exam season.

At the end of the day, without motivation you are destined for procrastination. I have seen plenty of talented individuals who have all the ability to get things done, but because they were not motivated they ended up doing little work and didn’t reach their potential. Finding motivation to achieve your goals is critical to academic success.


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