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How to budget for your stay in Britain

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Many students are shocked when they realize how much it costs to survive in Britain, and this applies to native Brits as well as international students. Your course fees may be covered by your government, and you may have a grant, but will it be sufficient? If you think you will be able to supplement your income by doing some part-time work, then you should check your visa very carefully. If it says, No Work or Work Prohibited, then it means just that. If you work despite these restrictions it will be classed as a criminal offence.

Planning your budget

The largest expense after course fees will be that of accommodation. This may be off campus, in which case you will be responsible for payment, or part-payment of utility bills. These are paid quarterly, but need to be considered part of your monthly budget.

You will need to factor in the costs of books and photocopies which you can usually get cheaply from the university library, travel to and from the university and your mobile phone bills and Internet connection charges.

Food will typically cost around £50 a week, and that is if you cook your own meals. You should also take out health insurance and should do this through the students’ insurer, Endsleigh, although you will be able to find more information from the Students’ Union officers.


Estimated costs per academic year

You will have to add the costs of entertainment into your budget, as all students socialize and if you don’t then you miss out on an integral part of student life. All work and no play makes everyone dull and melancholy, and to combat culture shock you need to be around people. It has been estimated that students need around £15,000 per year to live, but this includes course fees, so perhaps you will need £12,500 to live a reasonable life.


You need to have this amount so that if you can’t find work, you will not be in dire financial straits.


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