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Getting to know the NUS

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You will probably already know about the National Union of Students (NUS) to a certain extent – their banners are all over campus and their logo on the back of your student card, but what do they do as an organisation?

The NUS calls itself the “national voice of students,” helping stand up for your rights and provide a platform for your views.



The NUS help promote nationwide campaigns on a variety of issues, for example, two existing campaigns are the fight for LGBT equality and the fight for global justice.

Depending on the campaign, the NUS might ask for help in launching an appeal or leading a protest.

These campaigns are decided on what is most in the students’ interests. Therefore, if you want more of a say into the campaigns chosen, you can get involved with the NUS.

Getting involved

There are many varying levels of participation in the NUS.  At university level, your student union will likely be affiliated with the NUS. Therefore to get involved at university, you must participate with your own individual university student union. If you want to advance into national involvement, a proven track record within your own university is advantageous.

At the other end of the scale, the NUS is a national organisation which collaborates and works with all localised unions. The NUS is headed by Liam Burns, who replaced Aaron Porter as the NUS President. The President of the NUS is an elected position as are the various National Executive positions within the organisation. The national end controls policy for all localised unions.


The NUS can be exactly what you want it to be: you can ignore it for three years if you wish, but if you want, you can take the opportunity by the horns, and make a difference for yourself and your fellow students.

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