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This entry is specifically aimed at International students who may not know the writing style expected of students at UK Universities. The first thing to understand that although spelling and grammar should always be correct; many native speakers are not writing in perfect English. Of course it is much more favourable to improve your English to the highest degree than to just get by your current level but most university professors in my experience do not penalise heavily for grammatical errors. The professors are quite often aware of how difficult it is for international students to get 100% correct grammar so will accept some errors. Of course, there are a few very strict professors who demand perfect English, and for this reason proofreading exists as an available service.

Much more importantly though is to make sure that the reader understands the points you are making in the essay – so using simple words with good technical language should be the way you write.

For example: “The main benefit of employee flexibility is that multi-skilling can reduce training cost”. That is easy for the reader to understand without excess words, and also demonstrates that you know technical terms like “multi-skilling”

You should make use of full stops and paragraphs as often as necessary when changing subjects. This makes it so much easier for the reader to understand and follow your writing. A huge block of text can quickly become confusing for the reader, especially those without many sentence breaks. Often published journals are notorious for their poor readability because of long sentences with needless words.

It is advisable to have a professional or someone with time and patience to proofread your essay for you to avoid making these common errors. Proofreading can of course amend grammar and spelling errors but most importantly it gives you an unbiased third person’s opinion about your essay. Proofreading services are affordable and very much worth it if you are not entirely sure that your essay fulfils the basic, and unwritten rule of English. If you are an international student worried about the level of your essay writing you can submit it to Writepass for a check along with plagiarism checks.

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