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The issues of plagiarism in the UK compared with other Countries

| October 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Plagiarism has always been an issue in universities but with the widespread use of the internet it has become even more common, as students are can find materials they would not have had access to before.  Before the days of the internet, most students studied from the same textbooks, which lecturers were also familiar with, making plagiarism something that was far harder to get away with.

A recent study undertaken by the University of Glasgow has shown that plagiarism levels in the UK are not as much of a problem for UK students as for students from overseas.  The number of post-graduate UK students who commit this offence is around 0.11%, whereas that rises to 1.76% when looking at students from overseas, hinting quite strongly at it being more of a problem for other countries.  Many cases involved in the study focused on students who had experience of studying in other countries, but Aled Dilwyn Fisher from the London School of Economics was quick to add: “These candidates often have absolutely no intention to deceive.  There are usually language difficulties involved.  They had no idea that they had done something wrong.”

It seems, from this study, that plagiarism is an issue which students are far more aware of in the UK than in other countries.  A principal lecturer from the University of Brighton added: “A great many Asian students have been taught very differently to British students.  Their perception of education is that you sit and listen to the teacher, and replicate what was said.  That’s just their view.  They think the more you reproduce the work of experts, the better it is.”

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