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How to Write an Excellent CV

| October 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

Writing a good CV is essential as you move towards the career of your choice. The job market is competitive and having a thoughtfully prepared CV can really help you to make a good impression on potential employers.

Be Informative, but Concise

A CV should contain concise information about you; information that your employer will be interested in knowing. You must include your personal details – your name, address, telephone number, and email address. List your educational achievements, work experience, skills, interests, and references. When listing your information, do so as concisely and clearly as possible so that the CV is kept to one or two pages at most. Avoid verbosity and overblown language – for example, use CV instead of curriculum vitae.

Be Relevant

Tailor your CV specifically for the jobs for which you are applying. A CV that is targeted to a specific employer will be more successful than a general one. Think about what your potential employer will want to know about you and design your CV based on that.

Be Honest

Never invent previous jobs or skills. You may be creative in your descriptions, but if you lie about what you can do, you may regret it if you caught out by the employer. After all, the employer will have expectations of you, and you will need to meet them in order to keep your new job.


The content of your CV is obviously the most important part of it; however, the way it looks also makes a huge impression. If your CV looks rushed or messy, all the experience in the world will make little difference to the employer. Take the time to create a layout that looks professional and eye-catching.  The font should be easy to read and you should check the text very carefully to avoid grammatical errors. Print copies of your CV on high quality paper and keep them in a folder so they stay in good condition.


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