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How to Write a First Class Essay

| October 15, 2011 | 2 Comments

Writing an essay need not be a daunting experience, but writing an essay that stands out from all others for its excellence requires careful planning. Whether you are writing essays as part of your coursework or as part of your university application, you should practice becoming a proficient writer.

The Introduction

Every essay begins with an introductory section. This is your chance to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into the subject matter. While the purpose of this section is to introduce the reader to the essay topic, it is also to show them that you are an outstanding writer. Focus on creating the most compelling first sentence you can. It is worthwhile spending time on this sentence, revisiting it at different points throughout the writing process.

The Middle

The middle part of your essay is its heart. While the introduction draws in the reader, the middle of the essay is the meat of your subject matter. It should contain your core arguments, together with supporting evidence, key statements and quotes. Traditionally, relevant quotes are chosen and used to back up arguments that you are making in your essay. One technique you can try is to invert that standard order. Present a quotation or evidence and use it to craft your argument. Doing so is unexpected and will make your essay stand out.

The Conclusion

Too often, the conclusion is tacked on at the end with little thought given to it. The conclusion should summarise or wrap up your argument made in the main part of the essay. While the conclusion needs to sum up what you have already stated, it can also leave the reader wanting more. Talk about the implications of what you have argued for or against, and indicate that more research might address the issues further.

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