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How to Find an Internship Abroad

| October 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Before you spend a lot of time preparing an application for an international internship, ask yourself some key questions in the initial planning process.

Why, Where and What?

The opportunity to apply for an internship abroad is an excellent way of developing and extending your studies in a completely different environment. First of all, make sure that you know what you want to get out of an internship and the type of organisation or company you’d like to work with. You might want to choose a country where you would feel most comfortable, or be adventurous and get to know a culture that is unfamiliar.

Talk to your Student Careers Officer and get the benefit of their experience and advice, especially in terms of the academic credit you need. There are many websites offering information on international internships, but before you make a final decision, do some research into the countries you are considering in order to get a feel for the cost of living, the culture, history and language. Check if you need to be able to speak a foreign language, and in particular go through the financial aspects of living and working abroad. If you need financial support, see which suitable internships offer payment, or find out about grants or scholarships that may be available for internships abroad.

Preparing Your Documents

Take time and care over preparing your CV and covering letter – you want to make a good impression right from the start. Check if you need a letter of recommendation from your institution and use the many available online resources to find out about visa requirements and work permits, as well as what you need to do to apply for them. Ensure your passport is up to date and look at the Foreign Office’s website to see if there is any particular travel advice for the country you hope to work in.

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