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How to Find a Job While at University

| October 12, 2011 | 1 Comment

With tuition fees on the rise, working your way through university is a necessity for many students. Gone are the days when most people could easily pay for university and not work until after graduation. When your options are either going into a frightening amount of debt or getting a job, the latter begins to look like a far better idea.

If you are searching for a job to work your way through university, start with the university itself. Most universities offer jobs to help students defray the cost of tuition. Remember though, you won’t be the only student looking for work, and these jobs are likely to be in demand. Besides giving you an income, a job at university offers several benefits. Firstly, the location could not be more convenient. If you can’t afford to drive, you are likely to be able to walk or cycle to a university job. In addition, if you can find a position within your area of study you will gain valuable work experience as well as money.

University jobs may be competitive and hard to find, or you may find that the job you have in mind doesn’t pay well enough. If you need to look elsewhere, try to find something that is as close to campus as possible in order to minimise travel time. The job should also be flexible enough to fit in with your timetable. Your course schedule will change each semester, so you will need to work somewhere with that either has a variable shift pattern, or a boss who appreciates your needs as a student. Preferably both!

Finally, once you have your job or jobs, be sure that it or they do not detract from your studies. While they may be necessary to pay for your degree, if you cannot complete your program of study you will not achieve that degree. Find a way to balance your work and your studies, and that way you stand a much greater chance of success at university.

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