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Education in the UK Compared to Other Countries – India, China, Nigeria.

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The education system in the UK is split into three sectors, primary, secondary and tertiary, or higher, funded by government. Primary and secondary school is compulsory, then you may move on, depending on your examination results, to further education (FE), normally colleges or specialist institutions, or higher education (HE), where subjects are mostly provided by state funded universities. Some FE colleges also provide courses in higher education and also provide adult education. The UK also has a private education sector covering all ages.

In India, there is a constitutional commitment to providing free and compulsory education up to the age of 14 and the government is working towards all children being enrolled in elementary education although this has not yet been achieved. Secondary education for ages 14 to 18 is generally accessed if students have the money to do so, and is the bridge to higher education or work.  There are some 15,000 colleges in India and around 350 universities, including private ones.  Teaching is usually in English.

China’s education system has four categories: primary, secondary, higher and adult. A compulsory education law means that children must have nine years of formal education, with elementary school followed by junior middle school.  Universities, which include private institutions, offer graduate programmes and there are two-year junior colleges and four-year colleges if you want to study as an undergraduate as well. Adult education includes many specialist institutions, for example radio and TV.

Formal education in Nigeria is managed at primary and secondary level by local and state governments, with higher education the responsibility of federal and state governments. Opportunities if you want to enter higher education usually follow six years of elementary school and six years of secondary school. Universities and technical colleges are spread throughout the country and English is used as the main language for teaching. Private universities have only been permitted in Nigeria since 1993.

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