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Choosing a Degree

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Eventually you will need to select your course of study and the type of degree you hope to achieve.  There are hundreds of different subjects from which to choose, so the selection process can be overwhelming to say the least. It is essential, however, to narrow the options down and find an area of study on which you can happily focus your attention. Without that focus, your time in university may become aimless.

Consider Your Interests

If you have absolutely no idea what you may want to study at university, begin to look at how you spend your free time. If you love to read, perhaps an English or creative writing degree is best. If you have always enjoyed science, perhaps a degree in chemistry or biology may be right for you. If you are a sports enthusiast, a degree in physical therapy or sports education could both be good choices.

Consider Your Future Goals

What you do at university, should match your vision for the future. List your goals, including career, money and lifestyle, and select a course of study that will help you meet those goals. For instance, if you love, and are good at the sciences, want to be comfortable financially, have a serious career and help people, then studying medicine might be for you.

Consider Your Qualifications

As you review your options and what you want to study, be sure that you have the right qualifications.  Investigate what is required for your chosen subject, so that you take the appropriate A-levels. This will  increase your chances of acceptance onto the course.

While choosing a degree subject is important, it is not the worst thing in the world to be undecided for a little while or to change your mind. Depending on where you are with your application, you may be able to change your course choice with minimal impact. This is possible, sometimes, even when you have started a course of study.

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