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3 tips on Balancing University and Social Life

| October 15, 2011

Going to university is one of the most important and memorable times of your life. It will involve a lot of work – including coursework, exams, essays, and special projects – and fun too. To have a complete and well-rounded university experience, you will find that you need to balance your work and social life.

To make the most of your time at university, you should aim to have a rich and varied experience.  Getting a degree is about more than exams and grades. Future employers will want to see that you were involved in a variety of activities beyond your area of academic study. In addition to taking courses, join clubs, social groups, and get involved in volunteering projects. It really is possible to keep it all in balance without taking on too much.

Get Organised

The key to managing your social life alongside your coursework, is organisation. Keep a detailed calendar to avoid missing meetings and deadlines for exams and projects. Make sure you schedule in time for revising, to avoid your grades slipping as you become busy with other things.

Find Time to Relax

It can sometimes feel overwhelming if you are trying to maintain good grades whilst being social and active. To avoid suffering from stress it’s essential that you find time for relaxation. Using your calendar, schedule in some days when you can enjoy doing whatever you find relaxing – maybe some reading, watching television, a trip to the gym or an hour or two out jogging.

Keep Achieving Academically

When getting involved in social activities is important, don’t allow your coursework to slip. One way of combining the two is by creating study groups for your courses. By revising with others you can keep up with your work while improving your social life at the same time. It’s a great way to get involved on campus while keeping up with your studies.

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