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3 Tips for Parents of ESL Students

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Education systems differ internationally and though there are many theories of what is the “right” or “wrong” way to teach, there can be quite a severe culture shock when students first come to a new country and become involved with education and a new way of living. Students need support from their parents as much as from their university or college tutors, lecturers and pastoral care support staff. Here are a few tips for parents to help their child cope with a different country and culture:

Understand The Pressure

The best support you can give to your child is to let them know you understand the pressures they are under from being in a new system and country. Be supportive and open-minded, and if you have had similar experiences, be sure to share them. Although the academic side of studying is important in the long term, the happiness of your child in their situation is equally important, so encourage them to join groups and societies to make new friends. Sports, music, arts, politics – there are so many opportunities to get involved and meet new people. Don’t forget, your child is not the only one who is new to the culture.

Encourage the Development of Mother Tongue Language

Children who are proficient and confident in their own language, understanding grammar, vocabulary, structures and context as well as reading well, are likely to find learning English less hard than might be expected. Encourage your child not to neglect their own language whilst applying their skills to developing their knowledge and understanding of English.

The Importance of Vocabulary

Understanding the grammatical construction of the language is important, but learning the meaning of words is considered to be vital to a student developing a strong understanding of what is read and heard. Give support by supplying good dictionaries, and encourage your child to commit words to memory on a regular basis.

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