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good dissertation topic for a master in the management of public policy?

I am interested in something to do with the energy sector

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answered 27 days ago

Eleni K.

Hi dear Nellie,
You could choose a topic focusing on the issue of energy saving or on the issue of alternative sources of energy - preferably focusing on a particular country. For example: "Benefits and challenges of the UK's public policy for controlling energy consumption" or "How effective has the UK's public policy for the adoption of alternative sources of energy?" or "The performance of the UK"s construction sector in promoting solar energy at domestic and industrial level".
If you would need help in developing of one of the above themes I would be glad to help you,
best regards,

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answered 27 days ago

Konstantina K.

Dear Nellie,
A good dissertation topic in this field would be the following: "Can the existing public policy of ( help the country to face the global energy shortage risks?". It is a theme related to a major problem that European countries face: energy sufficiency.

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