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should ethnic minority children in care be matched with their carers?

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answered 11 days ago

Ryan S.

This is an interesting topic as it brings in theories on relatability, and whether a child would be more confident, develop better when they see someone who is 'like them'.

However, at the same time the negative to this would be on inclusivity, as by hand picking carers who may be the same origin, colour as them you are adding to this alienation of certain groups of people in society as opposed to bring them in.

Furthermore, there are also the need for resources to meet thus; such as having the available carers to match with children in the system which is already overstretched and potentially underfunded.

A methodology for this would focus on primary data collection - potentially interviews however I would steer clear from interviewing children, instead looking to interview the carers on their experience with working with children. #

I am more than happy to discuss this further with you - you can ask for the writer Ryan Shaw.


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