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To what extent does trade theories explains trade patterns in Zimbabwe

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answered 15 days ago

Ryan S.

Hi Elizabeth,

If this is a question you are looking to turn into a research project then the main theory to consider would be the Gravity Theory which suggests that trade between countries will be more based on the actual distance between them.

However, with Zimbabwe it is also worth considering that trade patterns may be impacted by old colonial ties, in particular with the UK.

Though, with infrastructure constraints, I imagine that the gravity theory would be the main, with most trade land-based, and so done through South Africa.

It would also be worth looking into the growth of trade between Zimbabwe and China given China's regional ambitions in Africa to use investment as soft power to increase their political influence in the region as well as their control over key resources to fuel their own economic growth. With this I imagine there has been a surge in exports from Zimbabwe to China of raw materials, maybe offset by a surge in imports from China of cheap consumer goods.

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answered 15 days ago

Nolan C.

Hello Elizabeth,
I am Nolan and I am a writer at Trade theories can be used significantly to explain the trade patterns in Zimbabwe. The trade balance analysis of the country can be conducted from the Vector Auto-Regression Model. According to trade theories the exchange between human interactions is referred to as trade and consists of economics in trading goods and the services which have certain values. In the past decade, Zimbabwe has recorded negative trade balance. Thus, the trade deficit in the country implies that imports are more than the exports. If you need me to work on the paper for you just place an order with us through the admin and select me (Nolan) as your preferred writer. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.
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