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want a dissertation on gender and influential positions.

Iam a student doing msc in strategic management. want to do a research topic on gender and influential positions. can you help in structuring the dissertation topic

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answered 16 days ago

Paul K.

Hello Tanya,
You could look at the following topics;
1. Examining the role of glass ceiling effect in the women's' quest for corporate leadership positions
2.Bridging the gender gap in corporate leadership positions

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answered 15 days ago

Nolan C.

Hello Tanya,
My name is Nolan and I am a writer at Your area is interesting and I think that you may consider the following topics:
1. Gender: a critical analysis of gender roles in media and performance arts
2. Gender: the Feminism movement
3. Gender: do men have to fight for their rights as much as their feminist women counterparts?
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Kind regards,

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