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How to work out chain ratio method and EVC - to be hired

Please can you tell me how to calculate EVC and Chain Ratio - I will hire a writer to do these calculations for an essay!

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Nolan C.

Hello Hannah,
My name is Nolan and I am a writer at The chain ratio is calculated from the multiplication of a base number with a chain of percentages that are related. You need to estimate the market percentage. However, this may not paint the most accurate picture of the industry. The EVC is calculated from the following formulas:
EVC = Tangible value of the product + Intangible value of the product
Absolute EVC = EVC of the product - the Costs incurred by a customer during the purchasing phase.
If you need me to do the work for you just place an order through the admin and select me (Nolan) as your preferred writer as I am well versed in the area. I am looking forward to a positive response from you. Thank you in advance.
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