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Dissertation Topic in the area of Marketing

please I need help in finding a topic for my dissertation - will hire once the topic is sent through

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answered 13 days ago

Benjamin M.

Hello Hannah,

You may consider the following topics: Mob Lynching and Indian Legal System.

1. Customer Satisfaction and Brand loyalty: A case study on online Retailing company
There are negatives and positives associated with online shopping and therefore paramount for online retailing companies to find a hypothesis on how to satisfy their customers’ needs and wants. Trust and quality being the aspect for online purchase behavior.
2. Consumers buying behaviors and brand influence: A case study of a company
3. Banking industry and customer relationship management
4. Impact of social media on customer relationship
5. Impact of marketing strategy and performance on globalization
6. Internet marketing: A case study

I hope this will help you and should you need any help kindly feel free to get in touch with me.


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