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I need to find a topic for critical literature review I counselling

I need to find a topic for critical literature review in counselling psychology and Research Proposal for the same subject the question which will explore the experience.
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Aurora A.

My suggested topic is: Effectiveness of the Use of Translation in Counselling to Address Language Barrier.

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answered 0 days ago

Nolan C.

Hi Natalie,
I am Nolan and am a writer at Your area may involve topics by specifications. This includes topics related to: prejudice, disorders, human cognition, human development and an analysis of a psychological experiment. From here it is easy to shape your topic and begin researching. I would choose for you schizophrenia, dreams, and bullying in that order. If you need me to work with you kindly place an order through the admin and request me(Nolan) as your preferred writer. I am looking forward to your feedback and working with you. Thank you in advance.
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