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Dissertation Topic for MSc In Construction Project Management

Hi All,
Please, can you advise me on the best Topic to choose for my oncoming dissertation, MSc In Construction Project Management?

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answered 11 days ago

Konstantina K.

Dear Timi,
A topic for your dissertation would be the following: "Most common failures in construction project management - the case of Nigeria construction industry". Your dissertation could possibly focus on another country, such as Saudi Arabia or Golf countries in general.
I would be glad to help you with your dissertation if you decide to proceed.

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answered 10 days ago

Eleni K.

Hi, a possible topic could refer to a specific aspect of Construction Project Management, as for example: communication, risk management and so on. For example, you could use the topic "How communication failures impact on the performance of projects in the construction industry?". Additionally, a topic could be "Best risk management strategies in the construction sector". I hope that I helped you to decide on the topic.
Best regards,

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