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How would I structure the LR for leadership skills on women career path

Hi, my topic for literature review is "A critical analyse of leadership skills for career development (career path) on senior women" with 3000 words. I wonder how I can structure my literature review with synthesis of current views and distinguish the theory development for the career development on senior women.

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answered 17 days ago

Aurora A.

You can structure it by first writing an introduction of what the review is all about and why it is being carried out in the study. This will be followed by a sub-heading on "Leadership skills for senior women's career development" and then by a specific theory used in the study. A brief summary at the end will synthesize the chapter. The aspects that the review should take note of are: Why the studies are relevant/useful to the topic of investigation and how the findings help formulate the research question/s. It is also necessary to link the authors' claims to one another, identify whether their claims are similar or different from other authors' claims.
I hope this helps.
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