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Hi l am looking someone to help with psychology

I didn't pass Critical literature review and proposal , the feedback was given in depth by university, I am looking someone to help to improve the CLR and proposal to get to pass as I have last resubmission in mid August. The work require to amending, editing,correcting, adding some text and strictly follow the feedback from uni in order to pass. The Critical literature review 7000 words it did not pass and proposal 3000 words. The topic in Critical literature review is " Bilingual and monolingual therapeutic relationships: a training needs review.
Some knowledge require in Interpretive phenomenological analysis , there some info is missing about epistemology . In general all work require deep checking and follow the feedback from uni , the feedback very explicit in depth.
Please anyone available to help.

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answered 23 days ago

Aurora A.

Probably, the Iiterature review did not link the studies to other studies in the review, or did not indicate how a study will help build the research questions, or did not indicate why it is useful/relevant to the topic under study. If you entrust it to me, I can address the requirements needed in the work.

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