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Can you help me with some ideas in this broad topic for my PHD? I am confused what specific area should i focus on, what objectives and how to prepare my research proposal based on that?

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Silvia O.

My name is Silvia and I am a writer for WritePass.
I believe that you can look into several subjects derived from your main topic. Here are some:
1. Gender roles and social pressure: Why do some male leaders leave female-dominated jobs?
Here you could investigate why men, although in a position of power, choose to leave their jobs in female-dominated fields. Due to their scarcity, men often do get leadership positions in these places but still leave.
2. Social capital and determinants of career change in men working in female-dominated jobs
Here you could investigate if men who possess social capital in their working place are supported to maintain their jobs in female-dominated fields.
3. Stopgappers paradigm in complex careers
The term stopgapper was proposed by Torre (2018)
Stopgappers are men who enter a female-dominated profession, but then choose to leave. I think it would be very interesting to see how this paradigm works in female-dominated careers that require substantial investment. Would men still leave if they invested time and money into this? For example, men that work as midwives are often picked on by their female co-workers (social pressures from challenging gender roles), but they choose to stay. This is a vocational job that requires substantial training and dedication. Men are therefore not so keen on giving up.
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