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I am interested in writing a topic related to rape/ victim blame approach

i want to focus on rape and the victim blame based approach taken.
but i cant seem to think of any questions
please help.
i would really appreciate it
Thank you

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answered 19 days ago

Nolan C.

Dear Gabi,
I am Nolan and am a writer at There are several questions that you may ask in the dissertation and here are some:
1. How does the UK law treat rape victims?
2. What is the law provision on rape crimes?
3. What causes victim mentality in rape cases?
4. What is the no blame approach?
5. What is self-blame in rape cases?
You may consider anchoring your dissertation to the above five questions. If you also need me to work for you on the work kindly place
an order with us through the support and select me(Nolan) as your preferred writer. Thank you.
Kind regards,

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