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DNA dissertation for Forensic Science MSc.

I'm about to start my dissertation for MSc in Forensic Science.
My idea was to look at the recovery of DNA from glove marks at crime scenes, however, in order to make it a legitimate study I need to be able to actually submit and analyse DNA swabs/tapings. I am in talks with a forensic provider, but would love to know if anyone has any bright ideas as to what form my dissertation could take?
Thank you.

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answered 2 days ago

Silvia O.

Hello Katy,
My name is Silvia and I am a writer for WritePass.
I believe that your dissertation should follow a comparative design. In this case, you will be collecting DNA samples from your participants, and then comparing these samples with samples collected from gloves they had previously worn and to which you should be blinded to minimise bias on comparative analysis. A colleague could potentially help to label the gloves with their correspondent user so that you can assess the accuracy of your analysis. I think it would also be interesting to have gloves from different materials to see if some degrade the DNA beyond the capability of accurate comparative analysis.
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