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Looking for a dissertation topic that is feasible to do within a month

Im doing an accounting and finance course, had a topic but requires interviews and observation. Need one that i can send out surveys as i found a bank willing to help me fill out questionnaires. This will speed up my data collection.

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answered 4 days ago

Kshitij S.

Dear David,

It is an advantage a bank is willing you help you out, I would suggest that you conduct a dissertation which is based on the bank as the case study, trying to identify and solve the problem for the bank. This will be add value to your profile as you will be solving a real-life problem.

Now coming to the topic, would request you to share details about which level at bank you can get support- branch level, region level, or whole, then it would be better to develop a topic. Also since you will be using questionnaire which would be filled by customers it mean the topic has to focus on customer perspective about a product or service.

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answered 4 days ago

John N.

Hi David,

My name is John Ndeda and I am willing to handle your dissertation. Please find the following three topics for your options. Let me know which one you may prefer.

1. Assessing the impact of technology in transforming bank operations (Case study of the bank that will fill the questionnaires).
2. Assessing the impact of financial service innovation on performance.
3. What is the impact of technology on financial reporting and transparency?

Kindly let me know your thoughts.



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