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dissertation topic area is information asymmetry.

Please, advice which topic to choose and help with structure, the topic area is information asymmetry and can include credit ratings. thanks a lot for your help

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answered 17 days ago

Nolan C.

Hi Elena,
I am Nolan and I am a writer at Asymmetric information in economics takes place when there is a breakdown in communication. This takes place where one of the factors of an economic transaction has more resources than the rest in matters, knowledge. Information asymmetry is normally manifested when the sellers of goods have more information on the good than the buyers. The converse is also possible in some rare cases. Most economic transactions have cases of information asymmetry. You can choose some of the following topics:
1. Asymmetric information in the financial sector.
2. How information asymmetry affects businesses.
3. How to solve information asymmetry in business.
After choosing the topic the next step will be choosing the style in which your dissertation will follow you. You can follow the general dissertation structure which will be as follows:
1. Title/cover page
2. Copyright page
3. Table of contents
4. List(s) of tables, figures and charts if any
5. Preface if present
6. The work/text
7. References
8. Appendices if used
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