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I need to decide on a HR dissertation topic. Not sure which is better..

My topic of interest in Employee Experience or Performance Management. In employee experience I think I can talk about how on-boarding, well-being, learning development and performance management processes affect employee experience
Performance Management - assessing employees performance whilst linking to company behavior and values which in turn assists with creating a pay for performance culture

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answered 25 days ago

Ryan S.

Hi Sadhvi,

I would suggest the second topic on performance management given that there is growing interest in how businesses link employee performance to non-financial metrics as they seek to improve their CSR initiatives. Royal Dutch Shell have been the latest businesses to announce that executive pay will be linked with carbon reduction policies within the business - an interesting concept as a way for the business to motivate employees. Could this also work in other sectors such as services who may link pay, and bonuses to average reviews, tripadvisor etc.

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