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Help with topic for EMBA: Business Analysis & its impact on decision making

tried to draft a bit of it, not sure if its OK; please assist.
Title: the impact of business analysis on decision making to enhance business processes in school management for organisational performance.
OR maybe an analysis of business analysis can influence effective decision making for organisational improvement.
Hypothesis: implementation of business analysis tools can enable effective decision making of business process enhancement by assessing how business processes are carried out currently; identify non value adding steps for elimination and re-engineer them to satisfy business needs which will enhance organisational performance.
To investigate how educators can use business analysis to make effective decisions to enhance business processes in school management for organisational performance improvement.

To identify business analysis tools that educators can implement to make decisions that would enhance their business processes to improve organisational performance in private secondary schools.
Research question: To what extent can business analysis influence educators’ decision making when improving business processes to enhance organisational in private secondary schools?

Thank you

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answered 12 days ago

Ryan S.


To me a question such as 'Business and competitive analysis: effective application of new and classic methods' may be better as it allows you to bring in old concepts such as PESTLE and evaluate their effectiveness in today's business environment, potentially linking this with new tolls such as analytics and BIG data.

If this is something that you are interested in discussing further please feel free to message me.

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Ryan Shaw

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