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I need a topic for my MBA . My focus area is strategic management

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answered 21 days ago

Ryan S.

Hi Ibukunoluwa,

Depends what area of strategic management you are focused on. Some potential topics which are quite interesting at the moment include:

Supply Chain Management: Integration and Globalisation in the Age of e-Business
Organisational Emergence: Business Start-Up Issues
Constraints on Strategy of an Organisational Structure
Merging Business and Society: Contemporary Issues

If you find any of these interesting feel free to message me and we can discuss further.

Kindest Regards.

Ryan Shaw

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answered 20 days ago

Nolan C.

Hi Ibukunoluwa,
My name isChris, and I am a writer at Strategic Management is wide and requires you to narrow down to specific areas. Hence, it will depend on the area that you choose to discuss. The area has three concepts, short-term and long-term objectives, quantifiable objectives, and a reflection of the process. You can try the following topics and determine which one suits you. If not, I can also help you with selecting the topic:
Societal role of a business.
Logistics supply chain management.
organizational crisis-intervention theory.
SWOT Analysis.
Porter's Five Forces Model.
PESTLE Analysis.
If you need me to work with you feel free to place an order with us and select me(Chriss) as your preferred writer. Thank you.

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