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I want a challenging topic for Ph.D. thesis for Africa

I am a Nigerian and my area of specialization is strategic management and marketing/entrepreneurship I want an insight into a topic that can give me a good international scholarship

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answered 7 days ago

Ryan S.

Morning Olubukola,

One potential topic could be 'Entrepreneurship and economic growth: An analysis of impact of public policy on entrepreneurship development in the 'Non-Oil' sector within Nigeria..

The paper is topical given the continued weakness of oil prices, and the impact that this is having on Nigeria's economic growth trajectory. In Q2 2018 the economy expanded just +1.5% Y-O-Y, with a fall in oil prices, and production hampering government income. However, with over 190 Million people, the country is the most populous in Africa, and with this could see strong economic growth. The PhD could consider the opportunities, and issues to entrepreneurship in Africa, developing into a policy paper which suggest how the government should develop policy to become business friendly, and support this domestic development.

If this is of interest we can discuss this more, and some outline work could be done for you.

Kindest Regards,

Ryan Shaw

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answered 7 days ago

Kshitij S.

Dear Olubukola,

I have a topic in mind- 'Considerations and drivers for Asian firms entering in Africa'. Another topic is 'Difference between the strategy followed by firms from Asia, Europe and US, while entering the African market.

I believe these topics can highlight strategic considerations in Africa and can served a guideline for a foreign firms which wants to enter the African market.

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