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How do I make this question become a business related 4 dissertation?

A competitive study of the success rate of herbal remedies v medical products on high blood pressure'

I am currently doing BA business and admin. This dissertation would be good if it assisted in the development of a new product or with the seeting up of a new holistic business in London.

I want it to become a useful tool to produce / sell CBD or Cannabis oils from a holistic shop which has not been set up yet. The shop will provide Reflexology and Reiki healing.

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answered 29 days ago

Nolan C.

Hi Stella,"
I am Nolan from You may want to frame your question as follows: "which has a higher success rate between herbal remedies and medical products on high blood pressure?" If you need the paper done for you I am available to help. Kindly place an order with us and select me as your preferred writer. Thank you.
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