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I don't know what is expected of me in my reflective accounts writing on

I'm reflecting on concept of gender and influence on women's mental health; clinical assessment of specific physical health care needs of women and identify their own role; explore how gender can influence diagnosis, treatment and care pathways, their strengths and weaknesses; and identify and explore key aspects of potentials problems pose by gender specific care.

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Silvia O.

Hello Lugard,
Because this is a critical reflection, you should look at various empirical studies that assess the impact of gender on medical conditions. For example, women with gout; you can find the study here:
You should have an introduction (which I advise you do after you completed evaluating the evidence) a body in which you evaluate the evidence and an overall conclusion.
In your introduction, you should state the aim of your paper and your argument (so to have the argument you would have had to evaluate the evidence first). In the body you should present empirical studies and critically engage with them. These studies should look at clinical assessments of physical health connected with how gender influences treatment, diagnosis etc. For example, for women with gout diagnosis may be delayed because this is a condition that is most common in older men, so doctors may not even consider this at first. Finally you can draw your conclusions based on the analysed evidence. This would bring together your argument supported by adequate references.
I hope this will help.
Best Regards,

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