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I'm stuck with literature review in my research proposal could u pls help

My research area regards with court proceedings delays under partition cases in Sri Lanka

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answered 14 days ago

Anaciata M.

Hi Udeshi,
I will just give you a few tips on how to structure your literature review so that you can move on with your proposal. Usually literature review somehow ties in with what you are trying to prove in your research. For instance, if you are writing on procedural delay of cases, my assumption is that you will be giving reasons as to why there are delays and what can be done to hasten the cases for example.

In your literature review in this instance, you are meant to look at what others have written on the subject and what views they are advancing. It is important that your literature review is critical. You are therefore expected to not only report on what others have said about the topic but also interact with the literature. you can do that by comparing different author's views and opposing views on the same discourse and also give your well reasoned opinion whether or not you agree with those conclusions with reasons for your opinion.
I hope that helps and all the best in your proposal.

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