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I would like advice for structure on an essay for Business Intelligence.

How can Business Intelligence help managers make informed business decisions? What are the main concepts of Business Intelligence that provide companies with insights?

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answered 28 days ago

Benjamin M.

Hello Constantinos,

You may consider the following structure for your essay
1. Introduction
2. Business Intelligence Literatures
3. Components of Business Intelligence
OLAP (Online analytical processing)
Advanced Analytics
Corporate Performance Management (Portals, Scorecards, Dashboards)
Real time Business intelligence
Data Warehouse and data marts
Data sources
4. Issues in Business Intelligence
Expert view
Approaches in Data warehousing
Analysis of right information
5. Future of Business Intelligence
6. Reasons for Business Intelligence
7. Benefits of Business Intelligence
8. Business Intelligence Technology
9. Conclusion


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answered 28 days ago

Laura F.

I would go for a literature review and empirical research.
I would also focus on different methods of business analytics tools.
There are several sources you can use that used qualitative and quantitative research, and the empirical review would help organize the main themes.
You can find inspiration for topics at the Informs magazine that features the latest developments in business intelligence:

Hope this helps.


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