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How i Write introduction chapter of the thesis?

First i just write the view point of author regarding my topic from abstract?.
Second can i give both kind of view point mean some writer say positive impact and some say negative impact shall i write both view point?
third shall i am bound to take my thesis bibliography references or can i add some book reference which is not in my bibliography.

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answered 27 days ago

Benjamin M.

Hello Mujeeb,

First, an abstract is not part of the introduction but is written before introduction chapter. Kindly note that an abstract is a brief summary of the most important points in your paper. It gives your readers an overview of what your thesis entails in terms of literature, methodology, results and recommendations of the study as far as the aims and objectives of the study are concerned.Finally, an introduction chapter may consist:
1. Introduction
2. Statement of the problem
3. Research questions/Hypotheses
4. Research problem
5. Aim of study
6. Study objectives

I hope this helps


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