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How i write introduction chapter and reflection of Bibliography references.

Sir here i wish to know from your good self that my superiser give me task that you start work on introduction chapter now i am little confused how i start that.?
(my Topic is impact of culture diversity on institution performance)
second i just write in introduction chapter the view point of author regarding my topic.
third can i take view point of author from the abstract of the paper or gernal or book?
fourth i can write both kind of view point mean some writer say positive impact and some say negative impact shall i reflect both view point in my introduction chapter?
Fifth either i am bound to give reference of only those references which i given are in present in my bibliography or i can add some book reference which is not in my bibliography.

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answered 4 days ago

Barainet W.

Hi Mujeeb,
The introduction chapter gives a general overview of the entire essay or dissertation, briefly touching particular points that will be discussed at length in the main body
for this you include a brief description and definition of the topic or issue in context .... such as definition and description of cultural diversity and possible ways it has effects on institutional performance

try as much as possible to make it your own viewpoint even though you borrow from the authors of various sources

you take the viewpoint generally from the entire work.....the abstract really is just a summary of the entire work. these could guide you and give you ideas for what to focus on in the task

it is essential to balance both positive and negative viewpoints, or just different points of view so as to achieve critical insight into the topic

you are bound to include works that you used to derive viewpoints, ideas, quotes and material from...the various sources you get content from. it is not advisable to have a set bibliography to start from, but you can add on references as you study and add content to your work

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