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i send the structure , Bibliography of thesis to supervisor he reply me.

my supervisor reply me.
The main goal and general structure are clear now. Of course, you have to enter into the details of the main chapters. The methodological tools will be very important for the empirical research.
The bibliography is extensive. I think that you will have to do a selection and to be focused on the papers and books related directly with your topic.
kindly explain me what it mean enter in to the detail of the main chapter? mean i start writing?
second what mean of main chapter ?
third he reply me your bibliography is extensive?specify it ?so i change it and need to send back to supervisor or not.

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answered 7 days ago

Benjamin M.

Hello Mujeeb,

Yes, as per your supervisor it is clear that you had problems with your main goal and general structure and after rectifying, he or she has given you go ahead to work on your main chapters i.e. Introduction (overview, objectives etc), literature, methodology, results and discussion and conclusion. On the aspect of bibliography i think your supervisor needs you to make use of books and journals related with your topic since they carry more information and extensive research as opposed to other resources you may have included in your bibliography


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