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How eCommerce businesses , can exploit new technologies for effective eComm

How businesses looking to develop eCommerce websites, can exploit new technologies to develop an effective eCommerce presence? Which emerging technologies could be relevant to eCommerce activities?

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answered 9 days ago

Ryan S.

Hi Constantinos,

In terms of the title you may want to be more specific so choose a certain country, and maybe a certain sector; for instance retail businesses in the UK. You can then move forward with a methodology which focuses on the collection of primary data; potentially for a subset of consumers, or from the businesses themselves, however I would think a consumer survey would be better, allowing you to potentially use a online-based questionnaire to collect more responses.

What you would want to see here is how consumers use e-commerce and also the social media which it is linked with. For instance, a lot of businesses utilise Twitter for e-communication when it comes to customer services, while Facebook/ Instagram can be seen as more marketing; it could also be noted that some businesses also offer Live Chat services on their e-commerce sites to deal with customers quickly and efficiently; meeting changes in customer behaviour.

As you can see it is a very wide topic, and this is why the question needs to become more specific.

Hope this helps. Any other questions, please feel free to ask me.

Kind Regards

Ryan Shaw

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